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September 29, 2016

screen printed pillow //

The online Doonyaya shop is (quietly) re-opening October 9th. It will feature pillows, pillows and more pillows. Actually, only a few pillows at first, with the mother-load coming in the next few weeks.

I’ve decided to focus on pillows because we all love pillows. And here’s why: pillows are the easiest way to add style to a room – and make you want to lie down even more, which I think is really important in our work ’til you drop culture. So make where you drop a soft and stylish landing.

Speaking of soft, most of my research has gone into making the pillows both comfortable and fabulous looking at the same time – a challenge of epic proportions. For example, I was having trouble with the white ink because there’s an additive that makes it more opaque, but it also makes it feel like rubber. One customer had to return their pillows because they didn’t want rubbery pillows. Go figure. I mean, I’m always on the lookout for pillows that feel like tires.

I also wanted the insert to be squishy – but not too squishy. Kind of like down but without the poky, crunchy feeling of real feathers (which also make me sad for geese and I don’t like feeling sad for geese when I lean against a pillow). And after months of pillow trials, I finally found it – the perfect insert. Everyone who picks up a pillow comments on how good the weight and squish feels. Plus I can say, “no geese were harmed in the making of my pillows.”

Another improvement has been the sizing of the pillows to make them a little tighter on the insert. Linen softens with age which can make the pillows look a bit saggy with time (like us all). So I solved this problem by having them sewn slightly smaller than the insert. Like botox for pillows.

Also, my special, top of the line pillows now include the softest fabric of all…drum roll…velvet. I love velvet on its own, but combined with linen it’s like the rolls royce of pillows. They elevate the most neglected, depressing couches to high profile, red carpet status. In short, it’s the easiest way to pretty up the junkyard.

So check out the new offerings and consider updating your digs with some fabulous pillows.


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