About Doonyaya


I’m Dunja (“Doon-ya”), the designer and maker behind Doonyaya. I love graphic patterns and natural materials – so that’s what I make.

Every design starts with an inspiration. I work with my ideas through sketches, until I reach an intuitive knowing that the design is ready. I then create the final pattern through hands-on, old-school techniques.

You can VISIT MY SHOP to buy handmade housewares like screenprinted linens, pillows, and pottery. Here’s what you can always expect from a Doonyaya design: an inspired pairing (like street art meets Scandinavian design, or vintage patterns in mod colors), handcrafted from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. I believe that our planet is important and to be handled with care – that’s why I also donate 10% of all sales to animal rights organizations. Making our homes and lives more beautiful should feel good in our hearts, too.

A handmade life makes you more connected to the pieces (and people!) around you, and it means you’re always learning something new about your craft, your home – and yourself. So I try to make as much as I can.

Because making, growing and parenting are all “try, fail, and try again” endeavors. I’m still seeing where that same creative process takes me in my art, too. I love experimenting with new styles and mediums because every “mistake” leads to something new – and the best part is sharing that endless adventure.

You can FOLLOW MY BLOG for sneak peeks into my creative process and my modern homesteader life in a farmhouse in upstate New York – everything from ongoing experiments in art & design, making my home more handmade, or growing my own food and getting my hands dirty in the garden with my son Lars.

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